“Everything you can imagine is real” – Pablo Picasso


“Ms. Stillman is not only a consummate and charismatic performer, but also a scholar. Her programs tend to activate ear, heart — and brain.” — The New York Times

“Full-toned charisma” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Syrinx” with Japanese prints at Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania. Click here for video.

Mimi conducts Handel at Curtis Summerfest’s Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class. Click here for video.

The New York Times praises Mimi’s performance with Charles Abramovic of the New York premiere of Benjamin C.S. Boyle’s Sonata-Cantilena for Flute and Piano. To read it, click here. For their recording the work on “Odyssey: 11 American Premieres,” click here.

Mimi’s Dolce Suono Ensemble finished its 10th Anniversary season with a bang! See news and photos here. Review of their Curtis Presents performance here.

New video: Stillman and Abramovic perform Higdon’s Autumn Reflection.


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